The Different Types of Investment Properties for Sale UK

retail propertiesA property is simply defined as a piece of land and/or structure owned by somebody, an individual, a group thereof or a juridical entity. Although the legal matters that surround these real estate assets can be tricky and complex, understanding the different kinds of investment properties for sale UK is as easy as pie. Take a look at the following list.

Each category below can further spawn into other specific kinds but for the sake of today’s discussion, we’ll focus on the bigger umbrellas.


As the name suggests, these assets are primarily used for business purposes whether this is at the front end or the back end of operations. Common examples would include office spaces and buildings. Because of the nature by which they are used, commercial investment properties for sale UK are often situated where there is high foot traffic and are easily reached by all types of transportation. They may likewise be a standalone property or one that is divided into several spaces for multiple occupants.


Primarily geared as a frontline space, retail investment properties for sale UK are those used to sell goods and or services. A perfect example would be shopping malls. There’s commercial strips too or town centers. It likewise includes restaurants, cafes and similar retail outlets where trade occurs.


Unlike the first two, industrial assets can be particularly demanding of space because they act as the manufacturing or product facilities, the warehouse and storage units or the distribution centers. Because of their purpose, they must often qualify certain building specifications and has to be very flexible.


As the name suggests, these are places of residence such as single detached homes, townhouses, apartment and condominium units as well as vacation homes. These can either be for single occupants or multiple ones and can span from on storey high to hundreds. The neighborhood, amenities as well as safety and security are top priorities when it comes to these investments.


There too are the so-called mixed use investment properties for sale UK. These are assets that were built and designed to serve more than one purpose. For instance, it can be a commercial-residential building as the case with some condominium units where the first few floors are rented out to commercial establishments like convenience stores, laundry shops and the like.